Are We Working for Bettered version of ourselves?

Do what you think, do what you wish for, this time never come back to you. If you really care for your thoughts forget your fear of failure, every defeat comes with full of lessons.  Don’t judge me with my current words only; I am still an ordinary people who have lust for writing and sharing.

Living in High indulges Metro city looks fascinating in televisions and magazines but it really not. You need to chase everything here. Our Major obstacle of life is fear of something. Sometime Fear of Failure, sometime fear of losing someone, sometime fear to face the public crowd, fears of taking responsibilities, fear of losing our comfort zone… We all are surrounded with some fear. These fears degrade our innovation, we try to keep us in a subtle zone and this continuous nature of negotiation creates obstacles to go beyond them.


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If you are reading this post…Don’t expect from me for a fairy tale of highly successful person who done miracles in life. It just a possession of life I am sharing with you. I never thought about known be an acclaimed as a person of some profound skill sets. Still I am wondering what life is and how to live it on fullest, this journey of life full of jerks, which diminishes my way. But I never give up!!

So let’s begin with some incidents…

#Story I: I don’t know how my words effects your living, I found you in enigma, your clash between dreams and exceptions. I felt your fear inside me,   it never be easy to make strong decisions about life, to resist all circumstances. But continuous effort of daily dying actually makes you alive everyday with new hopes of rays. Hope it will continue to spread and create an instance for everyone who gets interacted with your life.


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#Story II: Mentorship itself a huge accountability, knowingly or unknowingly may be some of you get lessons from me, some time you admitted it some time you refused it, I accept all of you evenly. Sometime you blame me for my grey shades; I have no any explanations for it. But I want to transmit some of my renderings of life. I know one day you forget my attire, overlook my appearance. But I want be remembered with my words in your mind, which perpetually resides with you.

Before end this narration, cultivate a parallel universe inside you which defend you from all insecurities and helps you to discover yourself.

Yes I am insane nerd and still reinventing myself for a bettered version of myself.  :- Sujit 

छोरे जाते है खुद को तलाशने के लिये कुछ शब्दों के साथ ……..

लिबास बदल लेते है,
पुरानी जिंदगी ले फिर,
रोज फिर चल देते !

उम्र तमाम बिताया,
किस्मतों से शिकायतों में !

थोरे जल जाते तो,
पत्तों का ढेर खत्म होता !

चीखते रह गये भीड़ से निकलने को,
कभी चुप हो लेते तो जिंदगी से दो बात होती !!

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  1. perhaps, it seems that someone got inspiration or pass by….but words impact much. And..nicely done with last words “कभी चुप हो लेते तो जिंदगी से दो बात होती !!”

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