Micro Audio Poetry M01 – By Sujit

जब प्रकृति नहीं रुकी तो हम क्यों रुके । विध्वंस के ताकतों को बताना होगा हम सृजन के संग है, हमारी उत्कट जिजीविषा ही हमें जिंदा रखेगी । #SK

Love of Prophet – #Micropoetry

Light weighted minds, Flied like butterfly, All words conveyed! It Bring some joy, Conflicts gone away, Sunshine comes to my way! Smiles are spread like, beautiful colors of life. It Lighten all around today! It’s Love of Prophet in that way!!  Micro Poetry & Thoughts : #SK

Words of Night – #Micropoetry

Mine and Your Words, May never together so more … Listening to silence, Now A Faded vigor … Sound of seashore steady ensure, like a dawdling night hurting  so more … Still in front of you, how can conceal  words so more … #Micropoetry : SK