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The Age of Orthodox thinking…But where we stand; Our Country lost the credentials of New Facet of Innovation. Are we facing the Mind Drain or Influenced with Amplification of Physical Amenities and Glitz of Modernisation? “On 4th Floor in Front of PC; the thoughts which create anxiety in mind, Questioning with our soul. Our doing […]

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Sujit Random Thoughts Sujit :23-Dec-09 “शत्रु मेरा बन गया है छल रहित व्यवहार मेरा !” Sujit :1-jan-10 “सफ़र शुरू है , मायूसी अब तेरा काम नहीं, हम तो चलेगे ही भले न हो किसी का साथ कहीं!” Sujit :24-jan-10 Become a seeker,knock and the door will open.Never stop learning ! Sujit :14-Feb-10 Listening” संग प्यार […]